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Always in stock, our metric socket screws include:

  • Metric Socket Cap – self-colour; 2.5-30mm diameter; 6mm – 200mm lengths; 12.9 grade
  • Metric Socket Button – self-colour; 2.5 – 12mm diameter; 6mm – 100mm lengths; 10.9 grade
  • Metric Csk Socket – self-colour; 3.0 – 24mm diameter; 6mm – 200mm lengths; 10.9 grade
  • Metric Socket Sets (grub screws) – self-colour; 2.5 – 20mm diameter; 4mm – 50mm lengths; 10.9 grade

For imperial measurements, we stock the following threads:

  • UNF
  • UNC
  • BSF
  • BSW
  • BA

Please note some orders may be subject to minimum quantity and a carriage charge for their supply.