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We stock the following abrasives:

  • Dronco Osborn Stockists
  • Cutting Discs
  • Grinding Discs
  • Flap Discs
  • Polishing Discs
  • Coarse Fleece Discs
  • Wire Wheels
  • Drill Brushes
  • Metal Cutting
  • Stone Cutting
  • Polishing Kits

We supply:

  • cutting discs are suitable for steel, stainless, non ferrous and stone
  • grinding discs For steel and aluminium
  • coarse fleece discs for removal of paint and rust
  • polishing discs for descaling, derusting and finishing of stainless and non-ferrous
  • flap discs for stock removal on steel, wood and aluminium and available in 40, 60, and 80 grit
  • ceramic jet flap discs containing ceramic grain for longer life-used for processing steel, stainless, chrome, brass and bronze
  • wire brushes to fit angle grinders and drill attachments

Please note some orders may be subject to minimum quantity and a carriage charge for their supply.