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We are stockists for JCP Construction Products including:

  • JCP
  • Thunder Bolts
  • Anker Bolts
  • Shield Anchors
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Through Bolts
  • Poly Resins
  • Studs
  • Chemical Anchors
  • Cavity Fixings
  • Hollow Wall Anchors

Anker Bolts (Thunder Bolts) – bright zinc plated; available in Hexagon or Counterink Torx head; 6mm to 18mm Diameter and 50mm to 200mm length

Shield Anchors (zinc and yellow passivated) – 6mm to 16mm diameter; 55mm to 180mm length

Through Bolts (zinc and yellow passivated) – 6mm to 24mm diameter and 45mm to 260mm length

Sleeve Anchors (zinc and yellow passivated) – 8mm to 20mm Diameter and 40mm to 150mm Length

Polyresin, Chemical Capsules and Studs

Please note some orders may be subject to minimum quantity and a carriage charge for their supply.